An Inspirational Evening at Indian Coffee House

Love was in the air since Valentine's week was being celebrated all across the globe. So, was I in the same mode. Afterall it is the most celebrated week to express love and affection. Indian Coffee House at Connaught Place was an offbeat location chosen but now as I recall, I was destined to witness a life-changing event of my life which shook my innermost-self.

Which category do you belong?

It was my first day with new job so I was mentally prepared to handle new role, responsibilities, colleagues, boss. Surprisingly, I was warmly welcomed by everyone during a departmental get together that elated me, however, what disturbed me to even greater extent was a question which I had to answer for at least 10 times that very day. I had never imagined that people would be asking me "Which category do you belong?", clearly showing their interest. Obviously 'Disturbing' for me because it is my first Government sector job & it compelled me to think on present scenario and pros-cons of this prevalent system.

"So Smart" Phone : A Gadget Tale

It will aid me in my preparation for CAT. 
It will keep me updated on all the news and stuff.
I can store mock papers and solve it while travelling.
Large screen will help me in reading.
These were a few of the many reasons to justify my need. I kept on persuading my father till the time he gave up and bought me a smartphone worth hefty 20 Grands with massive screen back, and best in class specifications back in 2015.

Mortal Savior of Eternal GOD

In the present times, it is a common sight of people trying to impose their ideologies, at times misplaced ones, on everyone around.