"So Smart" Phone : A Gadget Tale

It will aid me in my preparation for CAT. 
It will keep me updated on all the news and stuff.
I can store mock papers and solve it while travelling.
Large screen will help me in reading.
These were a few of the many reasons to justify my need. I kept on persuading my father till the time he gave up and bought me a smartphone worth hefty 20 Grands with massive screen back, and best in class specifications back in 2015.

Then started a saga that most of folks can relate with. Having browsed about so many features that manufacturers had bragged all throughout, this was the time for acid-test of that handsome fortune that my father had put in. The journey started with mainstream camera quality checks followed by sound quality check. It was indeed a masterpiece and I was already loving that piece. Not to mention, that this was just the beginning of an Era where I would reduce my sleep time by almost two hours. 

First was my motto of justifying my point of its handiness. There I entered into universe of 'Play Store' and downloaded all the ostensibly useful apps for CAT preparation viz The, Time4CAT, and 2-3 more for comprehension, mock papers, etc. I was indeed falling for it. I could prepare on the go. More apps were utilized and it started to reflect positively in mock tests that followed.

This gadget affair seemed to be a cakewalk for around a fortnight until I thought to take a step further and stepped into unfathomable world of social networking. Popular Facebook was followed by Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. and the list continues till date. Charts topping and all time favorite WhatsApp got some temporary competition by Hike, Line, IMO but all succumbed to it.

This whole ride became exciting and fun-filled with Skype, Youtube, Temple run, Fruit Ninja and the list went on. Uber & Ola proved to be handy as it spared us from daily headache of finding a cab and continue till today. Flipkart, Amazon & Snapdeal made their way to home screen as online shopping became my hobby in no time. I was always ready to grab lucrative deals, offers, discounts being introduced. In no time, it dawned on me that I had pushed my purchasing capacity beyond limits. Was I the same person who hated going out to shop, and would readily wear anything his parents bought? Probably that was the first time I realized that i have fallen into a self-made trap.

Spending money in electronic form never pains the same way as in physical form.
Introduction of 4G Internet service followed by ground breaking launch of Reliance Jio offering unimaginable quantum of mobile data costing almost nothing compared to its competitor, attracted almost everyone to come on-board. That point onwards, almost all my contact list have started using at least one platform of networking. I have seen unprecedented growth in Mornings Greetings as text, photo, GIF, video, etc. I wonder how such an enormous chunk of claptrap is being generated! I couldn't ignore but notice and would respond back to one and all. Even this became my ordeal and I got preoccupied. I realized it hard way that I had also fallen prey to this infection when I was at the verge of losing my Bae due to my penchant for socializing.

I was already an avid user of online payment apps such as PaytmMobikwikFreechargePhonePe. But it is worthwhile to note that noobs have suffered as our Honourable Prime Minister announced demonetization. People have lost money owing to lack of knowledge pertaining to usage of the apps.

Result day came with news that I did pretty well in my CAT and I would get calls from good institutions as well, but ironically, I also regretted that the results would have otherwise been outstanding without my live-in with a small piece of technology.

This was my long story cut short. The sole purpose of buying was defeated. Was it really an aid to me with my preparations?, Was I always updated with the news and current affairs?

We have become slave to our smart phones. A miniature electronic gadget actually decides how much time a person will go on to waste. 😟 I don't even use 20% of my time for making calls.Getting carried away with more and more apps coming to the surface is what all of us are facing. Technology requires for rational utilization. I accepted the fact that my productivity skyrockets every time I keep my phone away. I do feel uncomfortable without it and shockingly, I sometimes even sense vibrations in my pocket even though i know my phone isn't there. I have been scarily addicted. 

After much needed introspection, I parted my ways with certain apps, while sticking with few that have now become vital. I am sure that around 70% are the ones that you can do away with.

Have you ever estimated the time you spend on social media every day? If not, then pause to do it now. Minutes? Hours? Based on the data for 2016, Humans spend almost 5 hours everyday on their smart phones.😲😲 And, What was the motive behind? Is it to actually follow and keep in touch with every ‘friend’ you have? to spam people? to ‘troll’ others? to 'tag' your friends? to watch video streams and kill time? Various pages and groups on social media are involved in promoting hostile content for their political, communal, regional or personal benefits and most of the time, we as user, ignorantly fall victim to it. Size of negative posts across all social media is almost three times of that of any fruitful ones.

I bet that most of us don't remember contact numbers of our family even. Rather let me put it this way - "We don't care remembering it and always look straight into contact list to fetch it. Simple it is!!!!". But what if you fall into trouble some day?

A baby playing with smartphone eagerly may look adorable all the times, but it gets into habit down the line. At such a crude age, they may have already explored more applications than you. According to top addiction experts, "Giving your child a smartphone is like giving them a gram of Cocaine". Again, attention is drawn to different incidences that have proved the vulnerability of juveniles to such heinous games. They have been targeted for online ransom, scams, frauds and the worst of all, committing suicide mostly over mobile phone platform.

Personally, I recommend all the readers to watch "Black Mirror" which is a television anthology series that shows the dark side of life and technology. You may watch Youtube trailer at Black Mirror - Youtube Trailer. It strongly reflects the future to which the technology is heading to. A person with even a grim doubt on technological impact on society will concur with it.

Following the concept of "Practice before you preach", I have already cleansed my phone space from applications that were doing no good to me except killing my precious time. It has been a while for me using it for making calls and other necessary tasks only and I feel happy for myself. The fact that it has made our life way much easier can never be ignored, but now its dark side is overthrowing bright one.

Just a reality check, How many applications in your 'Smartphone' do you think are actually adding to your smartness?

Share your responses, views in the comments below. Share the post with someone whom it may help.

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