Mortal Savior of Eternal GOD

In the present times, it is a common sight of people trying to impose their ideologies, at times misplaced ones, on everyone around.

Most dangerous of these are the religious ones that have been been continuing since our inception. Be it Church trying to force it's ideology through Crusades, Islamist forcing their ideology through the so-called Jihad or Hindus who are actually ignorant of  true essence of"Hinduism" are trying to be cow vigilant.

How can anyone comprehend the fact that a person with an average life of mere 70 years can go on to protect the timeless God, that too when he truly believes that God is omnipotent. To all those so-called vanguards of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, etc., if you ever think that your God needs a proof of His existence from a mortal like you, then you are among the biggest criminals of your respective religion. On turning back the pages of time, it saddens me to understand that the bloodiest of war have been fought in the name of "Religion" whose very purpose has always been to bring harmony among the mortals. 

The problem with such religious minds is either they themselves have doubts about their belief system or they doubt their God. Because if you think your God whom you believe is actually Omnipotent, then you must have faith in what He has created. Further, believing that God is Omnipresent and Supreme in power, it is crystal clear that God created this world and wanted it to be like the way it is, otherwise a uniform world would have been created primarily.

You trying to impose your thoughts and believes on others is either a constricted personal agenda or a disbelief in your own chosen deity. Either you think that He was incapable of shaping mortals into a particular kind or you think He has now become weak that the time has come when He has to seek your protection for His existence. Mark my words, that both ways, you are the culprit of your own God. 

Being a Hindu myself, I find myself in right position to put my views forward on Hinduism. It is heartbreaking to see religious minded mortals killing others on the face of saving Hinduism of all religions, which it offers infinite freedom!  

Do you think that you can protect Hinduism? 

Who do you think you are?

A religion that has survived and thrived since 10000 years, all of a sudden needs your protection? Who is perhaps going to perish in 50 years from now?

Hereafter, if you support you act by naming it as Hinduism savior act, better that you do it in the name of your own agenda and not in the name of Hinduism and shame it.

Same goes for other religious minds as well!

It is crystal clear that these conflicts have nothing to do with God or Religion. It's the ego of minuscule mortals who are following a particular faith. 

If you are firm that someone else's thoughts and beliefs can never alter yours, then it is a no-brainer that your thoughts and beliefs shall never succeed in altering other's.


  1. Good start.. keep going����
    Adding to your views, would just say each of us needs to understand Humanity and Empathy more than anything because that is what every religion teaches us.

  2. Wow!! A brilliant piece of writing!